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Our Sponsors know that TST reaches people that are serious about taking their skills, tools and equipment to the next level.

History of Sponsorship at TST.

TST sponsorship dates back to our inception.  Some of our sponsors were Run Rite and USA Tools that are still sponsors to date. Both companies understand that through education that TST provides, an updated technician and shop owner is their best customers.  

Why become a sponsor?

Being a TST sponsor provides technicians and shop owners with affordable education keeping them up to date so they do not evaporate. So rather than spending your complete budget on magazine ads, trying reaching new customers by supporting education through TST seminars. We have serious technicians and shop owners who will  purchase sponsors products.

TST Impact (on the industry, on the community).

TST has an impact on the technician community by supplying automotive training at an affordable price. TST has provided monetary relief to the 9-11 victims, a few members who passed away, Steven Clark, Dave DeCoursey and their families. 

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