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Motor Age TST AC 0522 2021
OPUS Drive Pro ES

OPUS Drive Pro ES

Technicians Service Training "OPUS Drive Pro ES Hosted by G. Truglia This Webinar will cover the usage of the Drive Pro ES by OPUS on a Toyota vehicle. Subjects covered are: • Generic scan tool functions • Enhanced functions including PIDS, Bi-directional control • Graphing and more. Tech Support LIVE on-line Help right through the scan tool will be demonstrated with the use of the Toyota Factory TechStream software. This webinar will provide the viewer with information not only on the scan tools ability along with the Drive Pro ES Expert help that comes with the tool and useful diagnostic tips on scanning a Toyota vehicle. OPUS Drive Pro ES Questions How much is the tool? $5995.00 plus $299.00 a month Is there a Monthly fee for the tool? Yes $299.00 a month Is there a fee per car besides the $299.00 a month? No EXCEPT if you program a vehicle than there is an additional $125.00. If you are working on a newer vehicle you will need an LSID VSP license from If the vehicle is a Chrysler or Volvo that charges an extra fee *about $35.00 to $50.00 for programming How long is the tool warranted for? The warrantee is included with your support monthly fee. Can support techs log on to your laptop or other scan tool besides the OPUS Drive Pro ES? Yes that is included in the monthly fee Would tech support help you load OE factory software on my own laptop and teach me how to use it? Yes I don’t have much experience with hybrids can tech support help? Yes ONLY if you have the proper training on Hybrid vehicles and can prove it or the ASE L3 certification. How are repairs handled for the tool? Does the monthly service cover repairs, like a cracked screen? Covered with the monthly subscription With Chrysler and fiat can they program all modules or just engine and transmission like j2534? All modules on many of the Chrysler products. How quick does tech support respond for a request for help? About 15 minuets So if I request assistance with a Toyota and it needs Techstream for a certain operation, the support team can just launch it and use it themselves to assist me in getting the vehicle finished? Correct What type of VCI is plugged into the DLC? The cable from the scan tool. The VCI is built in the tool Can it record a movie and capture data? Yes What about tool updates? Included in your monthly subscription So this tool turns your minimum wage lube tech into a programming and driveability guru !!! Awesome !!!! Yes, if they can follow some simple directions. Do you need a fast wifi in your shop need a fast internet connection to work? It is recommended Will this work with all or most manufacturers? Yes

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