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THE 2021

March 27th + 28th  |  7:00am to 6:00pm EST


The 17th Annual Big Event will be online — a 2 day, virtual training event where professional automotive technicians from around the world come together, learn together, and grow together. 

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For as little as $2,500

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This Event is for Automotive Professionals

Technicians, Shop Owners, and Auto-mechanic Students

 Think: what's now, what's new, what's next, and how to fill the gap — learning what actually matters (while digitally sitting elbow to elbow with your peers).

Members save over 35%  at checkout 

Meet Your Big Event Instructors

Industry leading automotive technicians who wrote the book on the subjects that they teach

Peter Coll Head Shot 03 02 21.jpg

Peter Coll

VP of Sales at Neutronics Peter Coll has been with Neutronics Inc. since 1997 serving in several divisions. He is currently the Vice President of Sales for Neutronics and Biomarine with responsibilities including financial, account management, education and industry leadership for both domestic and international business.

Bobby G Gruszczynski pic.jpg

Bobby "G" Gruszczynski

Bob has a BSEE from Lawrence Technological University. For over 25 years, Bob has been involved in the design and implementation of embedded electronic powertrain control systems. Bob has a United States Patent for his work in misfire detection systems and has been involved in numerous “first in the world starts” of new vehicle powertrain applications. Bob has also been involved in the development and testing of On Board Diagnostics Systems and publications in the area of OBD Communications techniques. Bob is currently OBD Communication Expert - Retired. His former duties included investigation and analysis of OBD communication issues in the field both for I/M and Service. He is Past Chairman of the SAE E/E Diagnostics Committee and is also Past Chairman of the J1962 Vehicle Diagnostic Connector Task Force. He is co-author of the J1699-2 Test Cases for OBD-II Scan Tools and I/M Test Equipment and author of theJ3138 Diagnostic Link Connector Security Recommended Practices. Bob is a past member of the SAE Executive Standards Committee.

John A.jpg

John Anello

John owns "Auto Tech On Wheels" his passion for automotive vehicles has driven him to work on cars for close to 40 years.
John’s business provides repair garages with on-site diagnostic support for problem vehicles in their shop without having to tow the vehicle
to a dealership. In the last 24 years his business has grown to support 1200 plus repair shops, 400 body shops and 50 transmission shops.
ASE Master L1

Vin Waterhouse.JPG.jpg

Vin Waterhouse

The Waterhouse Group - Vincent B. Waterhouse (Vin) is the president and founder of The Waterhouse Group, (TWG), an automotive Coaching ,Training and Consulting company. He has over thirty years experience in the automotive aftermarket and has written several manuals on asset management. His specialty is working with auto repair shop owners, part store owners and outside sales people. He has written magazine articles and authored private label courses and manuals for NAPA and others in the aftermarket. He has conducted hundreds of profit management seminars and workshops for auto repair shop owners, auto part store owners and parts distribution management teams across the United States including Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, and Guam. He is a pioneer in his field, and author of "The Labor Factory" and the "NAPA exclusive AutoCare Financial G.P.S." For more information go to

Carm Capriotto.png

Carm Capriotto

Carm is the host of Remarkable Results Radio, the aftermarket's premier podcast. Podcasts are occasionally called 'On-Demand Audio', which can be listened to for free, anytime, or anywhere. I'm honored to have interviewed many of today’s most inspiring and successful automotive aftermarket professionals and industry thought leaders.

We talk about the business of the automotive aftermarket. Entrepreneurs from the service sector share their continuing journey to remarkable results.  Industry trainers share their perspectives on the steep learning curve we have. Business coaches provide their insights on what challenges there are to leading a profitable business. Industry thought leaders share their vision for the current state and future of the industry.


"G" Truglia

"G" Truglia is a National Trainer, ASE World Class, Master: Auto, Truck, School Bus, L1, L3, CNG and... ATTP Master Instructor, New York State, CT and New Jersey ... STS (Service Technician Society) 2003 President... TST (Technicians Service Training) Founder and President ... Author / Co Author/ Technical adviser on 25 plus books including...OBD II and Mode 6, and Understanding and Diagnosing Hybrid Vehicles... Published articles for multiple newsletters, and magazines... Picked as one of the Top Instructors in the country by EPA & SAE ... Numerous Radio, TV, Internet, and SAE Video appearances... PTEN, MotorAge and TST Webcast Instructor... Motor Magazine Top 20 award winner...Provider of OBD II Training for 13 states, Ontario Canada and the US EPA... Guest speaker at SAE Congress, IM Solutions and Clean Air Conference

Pierre Respaut.jpg

Pierre Respaut

"Pierre Respaut is a 50+ year veteran of the automotive repair industry. He owned a BMW repair shop (Ultimate Cars) for 30 years and has worked in dealerships and independent repair shops, some mobile technician work, training for Bosch and technical support for ATS (Automotive Test Solutions). 

Pierre Has been active in BIMRS, STS and TST to help promote professionalism in the auto repair industry.

Bill F.jpg

Bill Fichthorn

ASE Master Technician L1, AutoClinic shop manager, technician and TST associate.

Ready to level-up your skills?

 (This is a digital event — so you can join us live from wherever you are in the world)

Members save over 35%  at checkout 


Your Daily Agenda

March 27th + 28th  |  7:00am to 6:00pm EST

Saturday  |  March 27th, 2021

Day 1

Scot M.jpg
Scot M.jpg
Peter Coll Head Shot 03 02 21.jpg
Bobby G Gruszczynski pic.jpg
John A.jpg
John A.jpg

7 — 8:00 AM EST

+ Meet Sponsors & Vendors + Early Bird Giveaway



8 — 8:15 AM EST

Welcome + Introductions


8:15 — 10:15 AM EST  |  Seminar 1

Scot Manna (pt. 1)

MB Auto "2021 Diagnostics & Programming"

Vehicle diagnostics in the current decade have become very complex and require the highest level of training ever seen for automotive service technicians. Flash EEPROM programming has been around since the mid-90’s yet the majority of independent shops today do not perform this task. Computer diagnostics have been around even longer and yet parts swapping and misdiagnosis remain a common complaint among shop owners and consumers. This seminar will delve into several “high-tech” diagnostic topics yet still examine some simple diagnostic mistakes. Modern computer programming examples, data bus diagnostics, and complex and basic computer system diagnostic case studies will be presented.


10:15 — 10:45 AM EST

Break + Vendor & Sponsor Rooms + Enter Raffle


10:45 — 12:00 Noon EST  |  Seminar 1

Scot Manna (pt. 2)

Noon — 12:15 PM EST  |  .

Peter Coll

AC Update




12:15 — 1:45 PM EST

Lunch + Vendor & Sponsor Rooms + Enter Raffle




1:45 — 2:15 EST  |  Seminar 2

Bobby "G" Gruszczynski | 8:00 AM EST

Keynote Speaker "5 Digit DTCs"

This seminar will familiarize you with information on current and future vehicles. System information and a high energy presentation with a detailed case study. Vehicle emissions regulations require communication of emission related data from the vehicle to external equipment for the purpose of monitoring and repair of vehicle emission systems. Since 1990, this data is required to conform to SAE J1979 and J2012 standards. These standards are developed jointly with participation from OEMs, Direct Tier and Aftermarket Suppliers, the Service Industry and Tool Manufacturers. New technologies and new data requirements have finally outpaced the ability of these current standards to grow further. Therefore these SAE groups are working together with the International Standards Organization (ISO) and Emissions Regulators to expand the standards for use over the next 30+ years. This talk will examine the major points of the update.


2:15 — 4:15 PM EST  |  Seminar 3

John Anello (pt. 1)

ATOW "Getting to Know ADAS"

This seminar will focus on many aspects of ADAS. We will start by understanding the infrastructures that allow these systems to work, by covering many different types of Networks such as LIN, CAN, MOST, FlexRay and even the new introduction of Automotive Ethernet. We will cover the many components used on these systems that consist of Radar, Lidar, Sonic and Camera Technology. The Covered systems will include LKAS Front Windshield Cameras, 360 Cameras, Thermal Cameras, Long Range Radar, Short Range Radar and LIDAR. There will also be 8-10 Case Studies that will cover procedures working on these systems along with a LIVE display of the ENTIRE ADAS system on stage for audience show & tell. This class will be high energy with many personal props to give you a Real World experience of how these ADAS systems work and how they are addressed after vehicle repairs or just basic routine service that may affect ADAS operations.


4:15 — 4:45 PM EST

Break + Vendor & Sponsor Rooms + Enter Raffle


4:45 — 6:25 PM EST  |  Seminar 3

John Anello (pt. 2)


6:25 — 7:30 PM EST

Raffles + Vendor & Sponsor Rooms + Closing Remarks

Sunday  |   March 28th, 2021

Day 2

Vin Waterhouse.JPG.jpg
Carm Capriotto.png
Pierre Respaut.jpg
Bill F.jpg

7 - 8:00 AM EST

Sign-in + Meet Sponsors & Vendors + Get Your Raffle Tickets



8 — 8:15 AM EST

Welcome + Introductions




8:15 — 10:35 AM EST  |  Seminar 4

Vin Waterhouse

The Waterhouse Group "The Labor Factory"

Factory Efficiency™ – Quick and turnaround provides high customer satisfaction. A 5% increase in Factory Efficiency will more than double an average shop’s net profit without raising your labor rate. Learn how to do it.


10:35 — 11:05 AM EST

Break + Vendor & Sponsor Rooms + Enter Raffle


11:05 — 12:30 PM EST  |  .

Carm Capriotto

Remarkable Results LIVE Carm Cast

Carm will be interviewing a shop owner who offers an apprentice program through NAPA

He will also interview young techs coming into the business, old instructors, new instructors, and upcoming instructions. Carm also gives an awesome interview!!


12:30 — 2:00 PM EST

Lunch + Vendor & Sponsor Rooms + Enter Raffle




2 — 4:00 PM EST  |  Seminar 5

G Truglia + Pierre Respaut + Bill Fichthorn (pt. 1)

Advanced Diagnostics Live on Vehicle Demonstration

This seminar utilizes real-world strategies for effective diagnosis and repairs. There will be only ADVANCED procedures taught in this seminar. Technicians who attend should already have a background in the use of scan tools, labscopes, amp clamps, gas analyzers, etc. Subjects covered are: Cranking AC voltage, Running compression with your scope, PCM Vref, No Start Diagnosis, Fuel Trim correction factor, Crankshaft Relearn, Ignition primary, and secondary, Variable valve timing and so much more.

4 — 4:30 PM EST

Break + Vendor & Sponsor Rooms + Enter Raffle

4:30 — 5:30 PM EST  |  Seminar 5

G Truglia + Pierre Respaut + Bill Fichthorn (pt. 2)

5:30 — 7:30 PM EST

Raffles + Vendor & Sponsor Rooms + Closing Remarks

5 Training Seminars.

Live Diagnostic. Open Q&A. ONLY $160.

What do you think — worth it?

Members save over 35%  at checkout 

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And by you — Our Community

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“To all 17,000 of you from across 23 countries, who have been with us since 2004, we thank you.”

“I lived it. Enjoyed the event.”


“Had a great time.. Thank you for making this happen Mr.T (“G”) will def. attend again next year..”


“Had great time and great learning experience! thanks G and Doreen and all volunteers!!”

Disgruntled Mechanic

“Anybody who is on the fence about going to the TST Big Event should not be. G and the rest of the TST crew do an amazing job and really care about getting Technicians good affordable training. I am a member myself. Go to the TST website and check it out. Think about it everyone, if they get more members just think how much more G and the crew can potentially do for us Techs. This is a no brainer, become a member and support TST.”


“The TST Big Event was great! Defiantly signing up for next year. Thank you TST from all of us technicians/owners/diagnosticians. I  learned a lot and I learned how to use the Autologic tool that  I won at the event!”

Chad Ulmer

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So, are you ready to...

Level-up your automotive skills,

Connect with other technicians, and and have a chance to win some really cool  stuff?

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✓ Join Us from anywhere in the world

5 Training Seminars

✓ Peter Coll - AC Update

✓ Carm Capriotta - Remarkable Results

✓ Live Diagnostic with Q&A

Free Android Tablet* — loaded with 5 full-color Manuals and Newsletter

* Free Android Tablet can be mailed to the US only - NO TABLET  AVAILABLE FOR SHIPPING AFTER 3/20/2021
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✓ Tools and prizes in the past were up to $50,000.00

✓ Virtual Raffle — enter for a chance to win professional tools, etc.

✓ Visit our Sponsors and Vendors Virtually for a chance to win a prize

✓ Recorded and available to view for 90 DAYS

Be a part of the LARGEST Electronic Handout Automotive Seminar in the Country!

Members save over 35%  at checkout 

For as little as $2,500

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