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AirSept, Inc.

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AirSept, Inc.

AIRSEPT’s diverse product line has been solving real problems and saving technicians time and money in the automotive space for over 30 years. Save time, money and labor with our line of affordable, award winning products designed specifically to meet the demands of today’s automotive needs.


Cost-Effective, Problem-Solving Products:

  • SMART SPLICE™ Line Repair Solutions: Quickly repair a leaking metal line, block an unused line, add an A/C service port, or connect metal-to-metal, metal-to-rubber, or rubber-to-rubber lines.
  • RECYCLE GUARD™ A/C Service Equipment Filtration: The only add-on filtration system that protects A/C service equipment from debris, sealant, and other contaminants.
  • A/C CHARGE GUARD™ Filtration: For charging hybrid vehicles. Charge Guard protects electric compressors from contaminants.
  • COMPRESSOR GUARD™ A/C System Filtration: Protect compressor installations from harmful debris. Application-specific filter plates are OE-fit for easy drop-in installation.
  • A/C HIGH SIDE INLINE FILTER™: Protect the condenser against debris while maintaining refrigerant flow. Standard and Male Insert O-ring (MIO) versions available.
  • CLICK LOCK™ A/C Security System: A locking cap shows if anyone has accessed the system since you last worked on the vehicle.
  • TRANSGUARD™ Inline Transmission Filter: Protect transmissions from oil cooler debris.
  • COOLING COIL COATING™: The OE-preferred* and only long-term A/C odor abatement solution.
  • *Used by 16 vehicle manufacturers worldwide.
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