Industry FAQ's

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How long does the claims process take?

We aim to settle most cases within 6 months In most cases, a letter from a solicitor firm will result in property repairs being completed by your landlord. However, if the case does need to go to court it could take between 9 and 12 months to obtain the compensation.

How do i know if i am eligible to make a claim?

If you’re Housing Association or Council tenant living in a property with any of the disrepair issues listed above, then there is a good chance that you are eligible for compensation. Fill out our short checklist now to check if you are eligible. At the moment we cannot help you if you are a private tenant.

How much compensation will i receive?

Your compensation will be calculated based on the length of time the property has been in disrepair, how many people it has affected and how severe the disrepair is. Each case is completely different and will be valued accordingly.

Do i still have to pay rent if i am claiming against my landlord?

Yes, you must pay your full rent. If you stop paying your rent, then it will give the Landlord an ability to make a counter claim against you for a breach of your Tenancy Agreement

I am behind on my rent can i still claim?

Yes you can still make a claim, we will need to know how much you are behind by and if you are in a repayment plan with your landlord.

I no longer live in the property can i still claim?

You must still live in the property to make a claim, once the claims process has begun you cannot move out. This will result in your claim becoming void.