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  • TST Big Event 2017 Complete Video almost 9 hours 30 DAYS Viewing

    TST Big Event 2017 Complete Video almost 9 hours 30 DAYS Viewing

    "The Fourteen Annual TST Tech Training Big Event"

    1. Tom Rayk - NAPA "Electrical World Class Diagnostics"
    2. Wayne Colonna – ATSG "CVT Driveability Diagnostics"
    3. Mark Warren – WorldPac "Engine & Turbocharging Diagnostics"
    4. Scott Brown – iATN "Keynote Speaker"

    Topic 1: "Electrical World Class Diagnostics"
    This seminar covers needed electrical diagnostic techniques without the OHMS law and other formulas.
    We will perform actual diagnostic tests on stage with a camera so the class can participate. Learn the
    fastest way to perform VD testing and many other techniques that will speed up your electrical
    diagnostics. Turn your technicians into electrical Gurus. Mastering your meter, lab scopes, amp probes and circuit
    diagrams. Fix problems other shops can't.

    Tom Rayk: Tom has over 37 years in the automotive industry and is a ASE Master Automotive Technician, L1 technician.
    Instructor for NAPA, Ohio Adult Ed Teaching Certificate, MACS Certified, EPA Trainer Ohio Inspection program,
    Curriculum developer, former Goodyear, Ford and Heavy Duty Trainer. Tom owned a repair shop for 6 years before
    moving on to training.

    Topic 2 "CVT Driveability Diagnostics"
    Understanding how a CVT works is necessary so they can be properly diagnosed. There are several
    different designs on the road today with each having their own unique principles of operation. This
    session will identify them and go over their differences.

    Wayne Colonna: President at Automatic Transmission Service Group, Technical Supervisor at ATSG, Author, Powertrain
    Pro Publisher at Motor Age, Past Technical Editor at Transmission Digest, transmission specialist. Wayne started his
    career in the transmission industry after attending the Lincoln Technical Institute in 1975. He has been a rebuilder for
    franchise shops in the New Jersey and New York area, and brings to ATSG over 32 years of experience.

    Topic 3: "Engine & Turbocharging Diagnostics"
    Positive Aspiration/Turbocharging - Diagnostic Data Analysis. MAP is Back - Understanding Manifold
    Absolute Pressure Data - PCV Design and Consideration - Valve deposits and cleaning - Calculated Load
    and Absolute Load PID Analysis for Diagnostics - Fuel Economy and Turbocharging

    Mark Warren: Mark is currently WorldPac Training Manager - former shop owner who has worked with many
    organizations over the years including NASTF, ASA, AASP, SAE, STS, EPA, CARB, and others. Mark has a bi-monthly
    column in Motor magazine since 1998 and prior to Motor he wrote a monthly column for AutoInc magazine. With his
    high energy delivery of information, he is one of the best known instructors in the country and has beta test scan tools,
    scope, and other equipment.


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  • VIEW ON DEMAND “Advanced Use of the Oscilloscope”

    VIEW ON DEMAND “Advanced Use of the Oscilloscope”


    “Advanced Use of the Oscilloscope”

    Instructor Bernie Thompson

    This is an advanced class on oscilloscope use. The oscilloscope is the technician’s window into this world of waveform relationships. In order to understand electronic circuits, you must first understand the relationship between different electronic devices. This class starts with how the waveform is created, but mostly emphasizes new and practical techniques for analyzing waveforms. Afterward, the seminar focuses on the interaction of waveforms and using this information to determine where exactly the failure is located. Real world problems are explained in detail so you will be able to use this information in the service bay for faster diagnostics on modern vehicles.

    Advanced Use of the Oscilloscope

    Bernie Thompson of ATS teaches technicians at February 2009's TST seminar about the Oscilloscope, from the basics to its most advanced uses. This is perhaps our most advanced seminar ever presented, but attendees agree that no one is left in the dust.

    **IMPORTANT NOTE: There is a case study missing at the end of this seminar. This was due to technical difficulties out of our control. We regret that this information is NOT available. We apologize for the inconvenience.  

    Bernie Thompson


    Bernie Thompson is a graduate of Lincoln Tech and he owns a ten-bay repair facility in Albuquerque, NM. Thirty years of hands on experience and a burning desire to master the challenging and exciting field of automotive electronics has pushed Bernie to begin designing better diagnostic and training equipment. In 2000, he and Neal Pederson established Automotive Test Solutions, Inc., a company that designs and manufactures innovative top of the line training and diagnostic equipment. Together, Bernie and Neal have released patented and proven technologies that have been recognized by Motor Magazine’s prestigious Top 20 Awards. Realizing the need for better education in his field, Bernie developed an advanced training curriculum for the automotive industry. In addition to publishing articles in Motor Magazine, Bernie has presented workshops at automotive conferences including NACAT, ASA, Vision, TST and CATS, and CARS. He is looking forward to sharing his dynamic ideas on automotive electronics.



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