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  • "Unlocking the Diagnostic Power Of Your Scan Tool"

    "Unlocking the Diagnostic Power Of Your Scan Tool"

    Unlocking the Diagnostic Power Of Your Scan Tool

    No matter what aftermarket scan tool you are currently using, odds are you are not using it to its full potential. And that is costing you time and money! In this Motor Age/TST webinar, you will learn scan tool proficiency, how to use scan data to direct your diagnosis, when to use Global OBD II and when to use enhanced modes, and how to mate your scan tool, scope and DVOM for a better diagnostic result.

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  • A/C Diagnostics in a Changing World NAPA

    A/C Diagnostics in a Changing World NAPA

    A/C Diagnostics in a Changing World NAPA

    This program will be fast paced and held at the NAPA training research center, vehicles, mock ups and test equipment will be used for live demos of various A/C systems. Get ready for an increase in A/C service. Lets do it the right way.

    The webinar is Recommended for A & B Level Techs.

    The Webinar will cover the following A/C Topics

    • Safety & Precautions
    • 134A and 1234 YF Systems
    • New A/C Components
    • Testing your scale for accuracy
    • How to properly maintain your recycler
    • New methods for leak testing
    • Why some proven leak test methods no longer work well
    • Live Demo using an A/C Identifier
    • Live Demo using a sealant detector system.
    • AirSept sealant recovery system
    • Demo oil injection using the correct oil in each system.
    • Demo fully charged system changing Schrader valves
    • Demo Temp drop testing
    • A/C diagnostic Tips

    The following instructors will participate in the presentations:

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  • AC Service Challenges Viewing for 1 Year

    AC Service Challenges Viewing for 1 Year

    A/C Service Challenges "Today & Tomorrow"  

    Servicing A/C systems in 2018 and beyond will be unlike anything you're used to in the past. But with this new live webinar from Motor Age and TST you will be prepared. R1234yf systems, as well as certain heat pump designs used on hybrid and EV platforms, are coming out of factory warranty and headed to your shop for service and repair. New systems using R152a are around the corner, adding to the challenge of staying prepared to service your customer's needs. And that's just the start! Viewing for 1 Year


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    "Diagnostic Strategies 2017" SIMULCAST

    Instructor: John Anello

    This seminar will help you properly diagnose modern vehicles focusing on top case studies that have collected in the field. We will examine different vehicle operating systems and use that knowledge to power a winning diagnostic strategy. These case studies were selected from vehicles diagnosed over the past 5 years and bring valuable information to the table.


    With the introduction of as many as 60+ controllers on today's vehicles it is important for this seminar to give technicians a wide spectrum of problems on a vehicle to help them better understand that a good diagnostic game plan can be applied to each and every system by simply knowing and understanding the foundation of on-board computers. Each case study will provide a strategy of approach to resolve each issue and will be coupled with theory of operation to help the students better understand how a system works when building a plan of attack.

    This seminar will focus on ways to utilize different types of equipment in your shop to test and probe vehicles as well as introduce newer test equipment that may help you better expedite the diagnostic process. This is not a Tip & Tricks seminar but more of a seminar on how did I get there. If you eat, drink and sleep diagnostics then this is a seminars for you!


     John provides repair garages with on site diagnostic support for problem vehicles in their shop without having to tow the vehicle to a dealership. John passion for automotive vehicles has driven him to work on vehicles for close to 38 years. To date he has personally diagnosed well over 60,000 vehicles. He’s a nationally recognized instructor, has authored the book “Automotive Computer Diagnostics,” and has written numerous articles for Mastertech Magazine and TST Newsletter.



  • Misfire Diagnostics by NAPA with G Truglia

    Misfire Diagnostics by NAPA with G Truglia

    Misfire Diagnostics by NAPA with G Truglia 

    Go live with G and learn how to best diagnose those pesky P03XX codes. Whether you are fighting problems such as power loss, rough running, or lost fuel mileage G will show you how to use a variety of tools and techniques in live on car demonstrations. Don't miss out on this can't miss webcast!

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  • TST 2018 Big Event Complete 8.5 hours" 360 DAYS

    TST 2018 Big Event Complete 8.5 hours" 360 DAYS

    The 15th TST Big Event 2018

    Jim Mortiz "Power In Overlooked Fundamentals"

    Edwin Hazzard "Keep Your Diagnosis Simple"

    Bernie Thompson "Understanding Control Area Network (CAN)"

    Chris Chesney Keynote

    606 Technician's in the largest training event in a single training room at the FIRST GO GREEN Android Tablet seminars . Everyone who attended receives a TST Backpack, battery back up supply and a Android Fire 7 HD Tablet. Our raffle this year had over 50 THOUSAND of giveaway tools and equipment , including the top tool a loaded AutoLogic scan tool completed loaded with tech support! 

    Get ready for the 2019 Saturday March 30th, 2019 Event  - Sign up Early to ensure a seat!

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