• "Managing The EVAP Monitor" VIEW ON DEMAND

    "Managing The EVAP Monitor" VIEW ON DEMAND


    "Managing The EVAP Monitor"


    This Includes Asian, European, and Domestic Systems

    This Sometimes the differences in various EVAP systems can be a challenging ‘maze’ to maneuver through when DTCs bring vehicles into the bay. Using a baseline of commonality, this course takes technicians into the latest OEM specific systems; Non- Diagnostic Leak Module Systems - Engine vacuum based systems - Key off natural vacuum systems – Diagnostic Leak Module Monitor Systems - Pressurized pump systems - Vacuum pump systems.


    The majority of common EVAP monitor systems used by most manufacturers are covered in this course.The course includes practical tips for getting the most diagnostic information from various tools such as a smoke machine along with advanced scan tool information including OBD II Mode $06 data.

    Dave Hobbs

     Since 1989, Dave Hobbs has served as a hotline adviser, field engineer and technical trainer for Delphi Corporation (Delco Electronics) where he has assisted thousands of dealer and independent techs with diagnostic problems. An ASE Master L1 technician, member of IATN, MACS and SAE, Dave has over 15 years of real world experience as an independent repair shop technician. Dave also serves as an instructor for Indiana’s Ivy Tech College teaching drivability and electronics.Known as a frequent speaker at national training seminars, Dave is a qualified master hybrid instructor, has been featured in numerous automotive training videos and writes for Motor Magazine.Two decades of training engineers and service techs around the world has given Dave the unique ability to bridge the theoretical with the practical!Dave and his wife Teresa have three grown children and live in Kokomo, IN.On weekends you’ll find Dave hosting a Christian radio morning show on Kokomo’s Z92-Five. (FM) Dave’s website:www.hobbsautotech.com

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