• ""Critical Diagnostic Steps for Driveability Eric Ziegler

    ""Critical Diagnostic Steps for Driveability Eric Ziegler


    Critical Diagnostic Steps for Driveability Eric Ziegler

    This seminar takes a critical thinking or logical approach to address many of the issues that face techs every day - working on systems that are new to them or that they have little or no experience diagnosing. The course is a mix of critical thinking, theory, diagnostic testing methods, tooling and real-world case studies. Four areas will be addressed:

    • Mechanical testing,
    • Fuel trim diagnostics,
    • Ignition testing
    • Network communication issues.

    Graphing scan data, archiving data and other useful diagnostic software will be discussed as well. Lots of real-world, not-so-forward case studies will be used to illustrate these processes and techniques. * See how you can diagnose each type of problem with both basic tools and high tech tools. * Learn how to figure out what to do next in your diagnostic process. * See what your results should be and where to go next. * See a quick review of the "Flatrater" test drive and how to gather information.


    Members - $30.00
    Non-Members - $40.00