• A/C Diagnostics in a Changing World NAPA

    A/C Diagnostics in a Changing World NAPA


    A/C Diagnostics in a Changing World NAPA

    This program will be fast paced and held at the NAPA training research center, vehicles, mock ups and test equipment will be used for live demos of various A/C systems. Get ready for an increase in A/C service. Lets do it the right way.

    The webinar is Recommended for A & B Level Techs.

    The Webinar will cover the following A/C Topics

    • Safety & Precautions
    • 134A and 1234 YF Systems
    • New A/C Components
    • Testing your scale for accuracy
    • How to properly maintain your recycler
    • New methods for leak testing
    • Why some proven leak test methods no longer work well
    • Live Demo using an A/C Identifier
    • Live Demo using a sealant detector system.
    • AirSept sealant recovery system
    • Demo oil injection using the correct oil in each system.
    • Demo fully charged system changing Schrader valves
    • Demo Temp drop testing
    • A/C diagnostic Tips

    The following instructors will participate in the presentations:

    Members - $30.00
    Non-Members - $40.00