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  • """Solving Diagnostic Repair Issues"

    """Solving Diagnostic Repair Issues"

    "Solving Diagnostic Repair Issues "

    Using Critical Thinking Skills


    This seminar will focus on developing a critical thinking process for approaching automotive repair and diagnosis.This seminar will discuss how to use mind mapping and other techniques to solve those difficult diagnostic repair issues.The critical thinking process development will use actual case studies.Technicians will be given a workbook that they will use to develop their own mind mapping and critical thinking skills and strategies.

    David Crippen:

     Dave’s automotive experience, during the past 30 years, has included working as a repair technician, and a test engineer in an EPA certified vehicle emissions laboratory. He is ASE certified in A6, A8, L1, and holds a California Smog License. Dave graduated with an AA degree in Automotive Service and Repair from Fullerton College. Continuing his education, and graduated from California State University, Long Beach with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Industrial Education, and a Vocational Education degree from the University of California, Los Angeles.

    His experience includes training for Allen Test products and Snap-On Tools Corporation. I also trained for Mitchell International from 1988-1990. Instructional experience also includes Vocational Automotive education through the California Community College system and high school industrial arts. He was also an application’s engineer with Edge Diagnostic Systems where I was one of the original designers of Simu-Tech.

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  • ""TST Big Event 2018 Complete 8.5 hours" VIEW 30 DAYS

    ""TST Big Event 2018 Complete 8.5 hours" VIEW 30 DAYS

    The 15th TST Big Event 2018

    Jim Mortiz "Power In Overlooked Fundamentals"

    Edwin Hazzard "Keep Your Diagnosis Simple"

    Bernie Thompson "Understanding Control Area Network (CAN)"

    Chris Chesney Keynote

    606 Technician's in the largest training event in a single training room at the FIRST GO GREEN Android Tablet seminars . Everyone who attended receives a TST Backpack, battery back up supply and a Android Fire 7 HD Tablet. Our raffle this year had over 50 THOUSAND of giveaway tools and equipment , including the top tool a loaded AutoLogic scan tool completed loaded with tech support! 

    Get ready for the 2019 Saturday March 30th, 2019 Event  - Sign up Early to ensure a seat!

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  • "Advanced Functional Scan Tool Testing" Bill Fulton

    "Advanced Functional Scan Tool Testing" Bill Fulton

     "Advanced Functional Scan Tool Testing"

    This seminar will cover the unique value of using:

    • PIDS
    • Graphing mode
    • Bi-directional function testing by using cause and affect information.
    • Picking and using specific parameters based on the vehicle symptoms.
    • The value of the 10 Modes of OBD II
    • What can be seen in Mode 10 that you may be missing along with a load of other important information and case studies.

    Bill Fulton is a Certified Master Technician with L-1 certification. He has 40 years automotive experience and over 20 years of training experience.Bill is the owner and operator of Ohio Automotive Technology, which specializes in automotive aftermarket technical training seminars.


    In addition, Motor Service Magazine voted Bill the USA’s #3 Automotive Technical Instructor. Bill is the author of Mitchell’s AED Manual (Advanced Engine Diagnostics), and also the author of several Lab Scope and Drivability manuals such as Ford, Toyota, GM and Chrysler OBD I and OBD II systems, in addition to his own 101 Lab Scope Testing Tips. Bill has also instructed for Precision Tune, Mitchell, OTC, and Standard Motor Products and Vetronix.



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  • "Hybrid Vehicle Overview"

    "Hybrid Vehicle Overview"

    Hybrid Vehicle Overview

    This seminar will provide a good overview of Safety, tool, equipment, hybrid batteries, inverter, converter, scan tool,case studies and much more. Hybrids are out there and getting older needing to be diagnosed and repaired. So what are you waiting for? your shop? Join Pete Meier (Motor Age) and G. Truglia (TST, ATTS) for this hybrid-focused seminar. Topics to be covered include hybrid vehicle safety, tools and equipment needed, hybrid components and their functions, preparing for the ASE L3 hybrid test and much more.

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  • "Managing The EVAP Monitor" VIEW ON DEMAND

    "Managing The EVAP Monitor" VIEW ON DEMAND

    "Managing The EVAP Monitor"


    This Includes Asian, European, and Domestic Systems

    This Sometimes the differences in various EVAP systems can be a challenging ‘maze’ to maneuver through when DTCs bring vehicles into the bay. Using a baseline of commonality, this course takes technicians into the latest OEM specific systems; Non- Diagnostic Leak Module Systems - Engine vacuum based systems - Key off natural vacuum systems – Diagnostic Leak Module Monitor Systems - Pressurized pump systems - Vacuum pump systems.


    The majority of common EVAP monitor systems used by most manufacturers are covered in this course.The course includes practical tips for getting the most diagnostic information from various tools such as a smoke machine along with advanced scan tool information including OBD II Mode $06 data.

    Dave Hobbs

     Since 1989, Dave Hobbs has served as a hotline adviser, field engineer and technical trainer for Delphi Corporation (Delco Electronics) where he has assisted thousands of dealer and independent techs with diagnostic problems. An ASE Master L1 technician, member of IATN, MACS and SAE, Dave has over 15 years of real world experience as an independent repair shop technician. Dave also serves as an instructor for Indiana’s Ivy Tech College teaching drivability and electronics.Known as a frequent speaker at national training seminars, Dave is a qualified master hybrid instructor, has been featured in numerous automotive training videos and writes for Motor Magazine.Two decades of training engineers and service techs around the world has given Dave the unique ability to bridge the theoretical with the practical!Dave and his wife Teresa have three grown children and live in Kokomo, IN.On weekends you’ll find Dave hosting a Christian radio morning show on Kokomo’s Z92-Five. (FM) Dave’s

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  • "Reprogramming with J-2534"

    "Reprogramming with J-2534"

    "Reprogramming with J-2534"

    Instructor's Pete Meier and "G" Jerry Truglia

    Today there are two to three options for programming or reprogramming modules on vehicles. In the aftermarket most shops and technicians cannot afford to purchase all the dealer tools or even an AutoLogic for European vehicles. There is an alternative the Drew Tech/ Launch/Snap-On/ Bosch J2534 reprogramming box.

    This webinar will focus on using the J2534 box to reprogram vehicles in the aftermarket. The webinar will provide all the necessary steps to follow, some simple and some not so simple. With so many different OE websites and different procedures any step that is not followed will waste time and cost you money. This webinar will help provide you with information on what you need to know about J2534 programming in order to keep you out of trouble.

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