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  • !!! Motor Age / TST Webinar - John Anello "Learn ADAS from a Top Diagnostician"

    !!! Motor Age / TST Webinar - John Anello "Learn ADAS from a Top Diagnostician"


    "What Every Tech Needs To Know About ADAS – From A Mobile Guy’s Perspective"

    Who better to teach you about ADAS than a guy who works on it day in and day out?


    John Anello has seen nearly every issue on a variety of models working as a mobile diagnostician.

    You can't avoid ADAS repairs, so you should learn from one of the best at diagnosing them!


    Watch him as he joined Pete Meier and G. Truglia for the August 2019 Motor Age / TST live webinar,

    Date of Event:   Saturday, Aug. 24, 2019 

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  • !!! The 16th TST Big Event 2019 Instructors Lewis - Anello - Thornton MEMBERS SPECIAL PRICE for 1 Year

    !!! The 16th TST Big Event 2019 Instructors Lewis - Anello - Thornton MEMBERS SPECIAL PRICE for 1 Year

    Technicians Service Training

    "The Sixteenth Annual TST Tech Training Big Event"

    Featuring: Kris Lewis John Anello John Thornton


    1. Kris Lewis – ATG "Direct Injection & Systems Diagnostics"


    2. John Anello – ATOW "Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS)"


    3. John Thornton –Autotrain, Inc. "In Cylinder Pressure Transducer Diag"

    Topic 1: "Direct Injection & Systems Diagnostics"

    Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) is simple in design but difficult to diagnose. This is why ATG has
    adapted a ‘High Level Indicator’ approach for ruling out possible causes before parts come off. This
    seminar was built by analyzing actual diagnostic struggles and documenting the shortest diagnostic paths
    for these systems. Because of this practical approach, you won’t be buried in useless engineering detail –
    only useful facts that you can measure and that will help guide your diagnostic path.
    Kris Lewis: Kris brings a unique combination of experience to teaching, including ‘almost everything’. In addition to
    decades in a shop focusing on drivability and electrical, he worked with an automotive radio program and mentored many
    technicians through in-shop training before transitioning into local training and a hotline service in the mid-2000s. In 2011
    Kris joined The Automotive Training Group as a part time trainer. Since then he has traveled the US and Canada
    delivering ATG training seminars, focusing on practical strategies that he feels are best learned through great interaction
    with the audience. Kris is the of Director of Training since 2016 and is a ASE Master L1 A9.
    Topic 2: "Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS)"


    This seminar will familiarize you with information on current and future vehicles. System information
    and a high energy presentation with a detailed case study.
    John Anello: John owns "Auto Tech On Wheels" his passion for automotive vehicles has driven him to work on cars for
    close to 40 years. John’s business provides repair garages with on-site diagnostic support for problem vehicles in their
    shop without having to tow the vehicle to a dealership. In the last 24 years my business has grown to support 1200 plus
    repair shops, 400 body shops and 50 transmission shops. ASE Master L1
    Topic 3: "In Cylinder Pressure Transducer Diagnostics"


    Today, in-cylinder pressure transducers are changing how technicians evaluate the mechanical condition
    of an engine. John will discuss how to interpret cranking and running compression patterns captured by
    an in-cylinder pressure transducer. Both good and bad will analyzed. Exhaust path restrictions, intake
    path restrictions, cam timing issues, leaking valves, broken valve springs and much more.
    John Thornton: John operates a mobile diagnostic business in the Chicagoland area. John assists his repair shop
    customers with both engine and transmission driveability concerns, module programming, BUS communication issues,
    and electrical diagnosis. John has over 30 years of diagnostic experience and is an ASE certified Master Technician with
    L1 certification.
    Next y ear on Saturday, March 21st 2020 become a part of the LARGEST Electronic Handout Automotive Seminar in the Country!
    Includes: a FREE ANDROID TABLET loaded with 3 full color Manuals and
    Newsletter. Also included is Food, Vendors and Tool Raffles.


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  • !!!!"Using Computer Strategies for Fuel Trim - Control"

    !!!!"Using Computer Strategies for Fuel Trim - Control"

    "Using Computer Strategies for Fuel Trim - Control"


    Calibration Insights - An inside look at the controller strategies for fuel control and more.

    This seminar will talk about strategies manufacturers use to achieve objectives such as predicting/measuring cylinder air for fuel control, catalyst warm-up, engine noise management, torque management, NVH, power enrichment, and more. We will focus heavily on taking an inside look at the actual calibration tables from vehicles of the past and compare them to the current day. We'll investigate many of the functions taking place in the background which will provide some new perspectives for anyone tasked with solving driveability and emission problems on today’s vehicles.

    Scott Brown: Scott automotive career began after graduating from Arizona Automotive Technical Institute in 1983.With a strong focus on engine performance and analysis of onboard computerized engine controls, Scott began collaborating with other industry professionals online in the early ’90s.In 1992, he helped organize the first online technical automotive waveform database on CompuServe. He later began a dial-up automotive-themed bulletin board service [pre-Internet] for fellow automotive service industry professionals. In 1993, he became the owner of Connie & Dick’s Service Center Inc. located in Southern California. Scott became highly involved with engine controller calibration for both OEM and aftermarket systems supporting pro level race teams and retro-street rods running late model OEM controllers. Scott has spent a lot of time studying ECM controllers and their calibrations. Today, Scott and his wife Cindy continue to operate the business with seven employees.

    In 1995, he joined in to help build, launch and support the International Automotive Technicians Network, (iATN) where he retired as company president in February 2018. Scott is an ASE Certified Master Automobile Technician, SAE member, Director: NASTF (National Automotive Service Taskforce) and ASCCA (Automotive Service Councils of California) and is a member of a host of other industry groups and associations. He and his wife have two adult daughters.

    Scott is now focusing his efforts on Diagnostic Network, a modern online community he launched mid-2018. The Diagnostic Network mission is to connect professional technicians to enable successful repair of complex vehicles through peer discussion, partner collaboration, and education.


    Check out for deals on seminars, tools, DVDs, and webcasts!


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  • !!!Servicing Today's Air Conditioning

    !!!Servicing Today's Air Conditioning

    Servicing Today's Air Conditioning

    G and Pete go through the important things you need to know servicing today's vehciles. 

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  • "" Pressure Acquisition & Analysis, From the Inside Out” w/Brandon Steckler""

    "" Pressure Acquisition & Analysis, From the Inside Out” w/Brandon Steckler""

    Technicians Service Training


    "Pressure Acquisition & Analysis, From the Inside Out"


    Course objective is to take the pressure-transducer novice to a whole new level.  the goal is for the technician with labscope/engine mechanical operation knowledge to gain the abillity to capture pressure waveforms (from the intake manifold/tailpipe and in-cylinder) and be able to use the information to make diagnostic decisions.

    The course will cover transducer functionality with both absolute transducers as well as delta transducers. It will touch on the benefits and characteristics of both types of transducers and how they can be used to gain an edge. Diagnostic-approach will be carried out using real world examples and actual case studies from my own library. Attendees leave with confidence to invest in the tooling to perform pressure testing and analysis to improve accuracy and efficiency.


    Brandon Steckler: Brandon began his career in Northampton County Community College in Bethlehem, PA. There, he was a student of GM’s Automotive Service Educational program. In 2001, he graduated top of his class and earned the GM Leadership award for his efforts. He later began working as a technician at a Saturn dealership in Reading, PA where he quickly attained Master Technician status. He later transitioned to working with Hondas where he aggressively worked to attain another Master Technician status.Always having a passion for a full-understanding of system/component functionality, he rapidly earned a reputation for deciphering strange failures at an efficient pace and became known as an information specialist amongst the staff and peers at the dealership. In search of new challenges, he once again transitioned away from the dealership and to the independent-world, where he specializes in diagnostics and drivability. Today, he is a working technician at a large facility near the NE side of Philadelphia, PA. Along with beta testing for Automotive Test Solutions, he writes for Motor Age Magazine, teaches for CarQuest Technical Institute as well as WorldPAC, INC. and develops curriculum/submits case studies for other training companies. Brandon contributes weekly to FaceBook Automotive Chat groups and truly enjoys helping others to attain a level of understanding that will serve them well throughout their careers. Brandon’s Certifications: ASE CMAT A1- A9, ASE C1 Service Consultant, ASE L1, L2, L3 Advanced Level Specialist




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  • """Motor Age & TST Voltage Drop Webcast

    """Motor Age & TST Voltage Drop Webcast

    Motor Age & TST Voltage on Vehicle Seminar

    Pete and G walk you through how and why of VD *voltage drop).


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