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  • Battery Charging System Testing & More

    This webcast will go over the battery, battery testing, coding, programing , charging system test and much more. 

    Instructors Pete Meier and G Truglia

  • DeCoursey VIEW ON DEMAND-FREE “How to Diagnose and Repair Airbag Systems”

    “How to Diagnose and Repair Airbag (SRS) Systems”

    Instructor David DeCourcey

    “How to Diagnose and Repair Airbag Systems”


    “How to Diagnose and Repair Airbag and SRS Systems

    This seminar covers from A to Z Airbag and SRS components and interrelated-systems. The following are all covered:

    • System theory
    • Operation
    • Diagnosis of common and rare system problems on common models and makes
    • Go-to repair information.

    Systems components will be covered one at a time, along with tools and equipment that need to be used to safely and effectively diagnose and repair these systems.

    Airbag and SRS training is not readily available and hard to come by. Stop subletting work to other shops or taking more time than you need to due to unfamiliarity with these systems. This is a must see seminar that will allow you to start making money diagnosing and repairing airbag systems.

    David DeCourcey

    David DeCourcey is an Airbag/SRS and Carquest instructor, and a state-registered emissions repair technician. His business, D&D Professional Automotive Services, is a registered mobile repair facility in the MA Enhanced Emissions & Safety Test program. David is an ASE Certified Master Technician.

  • Diag.Net Scott Brown

    Diag.Net Scott Brown

    Scott Brown announces at the TST Big Event ...The Network for Vehicle Diagnosticians and Service Industry Professionals
    Help us build a modern network from the ground up: Diagnostic Network is an automotive professionals network, reimagined.
    A community for professional technicians by professional technicians, enabling successful repair of modern vehicles through peer discussion, partner collaboration and education. A place to share and expand your knowledge and a place to shape the technicians of tomorrow. A true community for professionals by professionals, led by a team with over two decades of experience dedicated to increasing access to information and connecting professional technicians. Join us.

  • GM Scan Tool Shootout

    GM Scan Tool Shootout

    Starting with the GM factory scan tool GDS, Autoland Scientech iSCAN II wt, Autel Maxisys 908, Launch X431 Pad II, Mahle Tech PRO Diagnostic Scan Tool VCI1000, OTC Encore and Snap-On Verus. The vehicle use with all these scan tool is a 2013 Chevy Volt. All the scan tool had the latest updates EXCEPT Snap- On that had 16.4 rather than the new 17.2 update.

    All the scan tool were able to connect to the vehicle without having any issues. If you go off the baseline from the GM GDI you can judge the capabilities of the aftermarket scan tools. We hope this video is helpful in seeing what scan tool would work best for you.

  • Honda Accord with AC Leak found With ATS BullsEye

    Honda Accord with AC Leak found With ATS BullsEye

    Do you really want to find an Air Condition Leak? View this video and you will know what to do.