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  • !!!FREE TST October 2018 Round Table - Topic: Automotive Training Video

    TST October Round Table - Topic Automotive Training

    What do you do to stay up to date?

    What training seminars or classes have you attended?

    What would you recommend?

    Are you attending Super Saturday this year? and more....




  • !!N.V.H./ Noise Vibrations Harshness

    N.V.H./ Noise Vibrations Harshness

    Join in on the conversation live, give us your opinion -We'd love to hear your comments!!!! Information on tire/wheel, driveshaft, engine and axle viabrations. Also covered are the PICO NVH and the John Kelly app. Check it out and see how this technology can help you diagnosis vabriation problems.




  • !R1234yf A/C Live On Vehicle

    "A/C R1234yf On-Vehicle"

    • This is an "On-Car" A/C webcast using the CPS FX3030 R1234yf machine. • The Do's and Don'ts on R1234yf Are you ready for R1234yf? See what equipment you need besides an AC machine. This webcast will provide with information on what other tools you may need besides the obvious. The AC system is also explained.

  • """Honda Accord with AC Leak found With ATS BullsEye

    Honda Accord with AC Leak found With ATS BullsEye

    Do you really want to find an Air Condition Leak? View this video and you will know what to do.

  • ""TST RoundTable on Air Condition R134a and R1234yf 06 2018

    TST RoundTable on Air Condition R134a and R1234yf.

    What's the best practice when working on AC. Sealant, Identifying refrigerant, duct temp, oil and dye, AC leak detection - what works best and more.



  • "AC Leak on a 2008 Subaru

    AC Leak on a 2008 Subaru

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