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  • ""Scope Techniques For The Flat Rate Technician" w/Pete Meier

    ""Scope Techniques For The Flat Rate Technician" w/Pete Meier

    Scope Techniques for the Flat Rate Technician

    Do you have a scope in your shop that isn't being used? Have you considered adding a scope to your tool box but hesitate because you think it's too complicated to master? Then you need this seminar!

    As a flat rate tech for the majority of his career, Pete understands it's all about doing more with the time you have. A scope is a diagnostic tool that allows you to do just that. And you don't have to be a scope "guru" to use one! Pete will show you how to capture any data you want and put it to work for you. Using a variety of popular scopes, Pete will also provide you with a variety of testing techniques you can use to speed up your troubleshooting. Learn how to use your scope to diagnose electrical issues, engine management concerns and even the condition of the engine itself!"

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