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TST Seminar's on DVD

  • TST 2015 Big Event DVD Set w/ John Anello, Carlton Banks aka Ken Zanders & Pete Meier as Keynote Speaker

    The Big Event 2015

    John Anello, Carlton Banks aka Ken Zanders, and Pete Meier as keynote speaker.

    The 2015 Big Event with keynote speech by Pete Meier of Motorage! Carlton Banks helps you take a look at GM, Ford and Chrysler Communications. Techniques involving lab scope analysis will be used to enhance the understanding of these networks. John Anello focuses on ways to utilizes different types of equipment in your shop to test and probe vehicles as well as introduce newer test equipment that may help you better expedite the diagnostic process. If you eat, drink and sleep diagnostics or just want to be a better diagnostic technician then this is a seminar for you! For an additional $75.00, get full color manuals of each instructors' course!

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  • TST 2016 Big Event DVD Set w/ Bernie Thompson, Dave Hobbs, Ed Hazzard & G Jerry Truglias keynote speaker

    The Big Event 2016:

    Bernie Thompson "Advanced Leak Detection"

    Finding leaks in various systems is a common routine in automotive repair shops. However common these leaks are in your shop, finding a leak in some systems is extremely difficult and time consuming. This seminar will cover an in depth look at the process of leak detection. Additionally the pro’s and con’s of the tools and equipment used in leak detection will be covered. Learn new diagnostic techniques on how to locate the leak site quickly and accurately, thus saving serious aggravation and hours of diagnostic time!

    Dave Hobbs" Preparing for Tomorrow: Telematics & Advanced Body Electronics Diagnostics"

    This brand new course takes technicians and technical trainers on a journey starting with today's advanced body electronics systems.Future technologies are coming sooner than we think such as autonomous cars and collision avoidance systems are appearing. Case studies, module programming and electrical circuit diagnostics round out this fun and informative class getting you ready for the automotive electronics of today and tomorrow.

    Bonus: Ed Hazzard "Real World Tip’s from a Mobile Tech"

    Bonus: G Truglia "Keynote Speaker" "Our Industry"

    Extra Bonus: John Anello "Updating yourself"



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