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TST Seminar's on DVD

  • AC Service 2007: Major Changes are Coming DVD w/ Peter Coll

    AC Service 2007: Major Changes are Coming

    TST's Big Event June 2007
    Instructor: Peter Coll

    Peter Coll of Neutronics Inc. uses the latest industry information to explain the current state of R134a, alternative refrigerants arriving in the near future, problems associated with AC services from amateur mechanics, and much more.


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  • Advanced Leak Detection w/ Bernie Thompson DVD

    Bernie Thompson "Advanced Leak Detection"

    Finding leaks in various systems is a common routine in automotive repair shops. However common these leaks are in your shop, finding a leak in some systems is extremely difficult and time consuming. This seminar will cover an in depth look at the process of leak detection. Additionally the pro’s and con’s of the tools and equipment used in leak detection will be covered. Learn new diagnostic techniques on how to locate the leak site quickly and accurately, thus saving serious aggravation and hours of diagnostic time!

    (2016 Big Event)
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  • Auto Diagnostic Science DVD w/ John Anello

    Auto Diagnostic Science

    Instructor: John Anello

    This seminar focuses on top case studies collected in the field. The case studies will cover different systems of the vehicle along with the different types of problems and were selected from vehicles diagnosed in order to provide the technician valuable diagnostic information and procedures.


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  • Body Module Diagnosis DVD w/ Rich Peterson

    Body Module Diagnosis with Rich Peterson

    Instructor: Rich Peterson

    Rich Peterson teaches technicians how to diagnose several body modules with emphasis on following the wiring diagrams and using a solid diagnostic approach.

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  • Cam and Crank Waveform Diagnostics DVD w/ John Thompson

    Cam and Crank Waveform Diagnostics

    Instructor: John Thompson

    Learn important facts about Cam/Crank Sensors including how to easily diagnose sensor related no starts, stall and drivability concerns, jumped timing chains and belts, how to properly time Ford Cam Synchronizers, the relevance of code specific information, and more.


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  • CAN Data DVD w/ Dave Hobbs

    CAN Data

    From the TST's Big Event March 2007
    Instructor: Dave Hobbs

    Dave Hobbs of Delphi has extensive experience in automotive-electric business and provided attendees with the latest information on CAN Data. Every technician should know more about GM Serial Data Buses and BCM's.



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