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  • Troubleshooting Batteries, Alternators, Starters BOOK

    Troubleshooting Batteries, Alternators, Starters

    Pages: 66 black and white
    Art: Over 100 illustrations, photos, and charts
    Binding: Spiral bound
    Overview: This book is broken into three separate, easy-to-learn modules, each with its own table of contents. Problem-specific diagnostic techniques are clearly illustrated to show test points and equipment required. Addresses common battery diagnostics, charging system problem areas and tests, and starter/starter relay circuit operation. Includes glossary of terms and mini quizzes. Ideal for new trainees and as a review for experienced techs.



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  • Troubleshooting Modern Ignition Systems BOOK

    Troubleshooting Modern Ignition Systems

    Pages: 50 black and white
    Art: Over 50 illustrations, photos, and waveforms
    Binding: Spiral bound
    Overview: This book describes common ignition system problems and also explains ignition system operation. Includes tech tips, examples of good and bad waveforms, current ramping, and waveform analysis.


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  • Understanding and Diagnosing Hybrid Vehicles BOOK

    Understanding and Diagnosing Hybrid Vehicles

    Art: Over 100 photos, illustrations, charts
    Binding: Spiral bound
    Overview: Watching hybrid vehicles pass your bay doors, because OEM manuals, online DYIs, and other sources of information for hybrids are leaving you confused? This book is the FIRST and ONLY book on hybrid repair written for technicians by technicians. Includes overview of hybrid components, essential safety information, real problem-vehicle case studies and an in depth treatment of every hybrid on the road today. Glossary, table of contents, index.



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  • Vehicle Emissions Diagnostic Strategies BOOK

    Vehicle Emissions Diagnostic Strategies

    Pages: 96 black and white
    Art: 90 illustrations, photos, and charts
    Binding: Spiral bound
    Overview: Written by Sam Bell, shop owner and Motor magazine contributor. Chapter topics include (1) Combustion; (2) Emission Control Devices; (3) Emission Tests; (4) Analyzing Test Results; (5) Troubleshooting and Tips. Book discusses traditional gas analysis, including lambda evaluation, plus OBD II DTCs commonly associated with common vehicle problems. Includes combustion overview, the nature of emissions, how emission controls operate to reduce specific gases, and how to determine whether an emissions problem is caused by an air/fuel imbalance. Special NOx troubleshooting section, glossary, and index.



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